Water Hygiene


Water is considered the most essential nutrient for livestock production, and is needed numerous processes, such as regulation of body temperature, growth, digestion, reproduction, and physical health.

Water quality plays a critical role in the health and production of livestock operations. Water quality may be altered by contaminants such as, mineral salts, toxins, and heavy metals. Other contaminants include disease causing pathogens, that are may times harbored in the water system, or are passed from animal to animal in the water troughs and in the form of biofilm. Biofilm in drinking water system becomes a primary disease transmission vector.

Acepsis water treatment technologies remove the biofilm through-out the water system and provide a safe and efficient water hygiene program. AquaSoar™ Activator & Base are concentrated precursors that produce chlorine dioxide-based solutions for the quick and complete removal of biofilms and disease pathogens.

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Acepsis Water Hygiene Products: